DRIVEN – Modern Media Group

  • Media Strategy & Planning – traditional, digital, event marketing, sponsorships
  • Media Buying – local, regional, national, global

At DRIVEN, we can be your media planning & buying department.

Our media strategy begins by researching your overall marketing and communications mission.  Our first step is to analyze your business goals, objectives, and target market.  The media strategy and media plan are then tailored from your media requirements, business purpose and media budget in combination of research tools, third party surveys and industry experience.

In an increasingly fragmented and evolving media marketplace, we understand the need to craft a media plan and use the most powerful media channels in order to hit the intended audience in the most effective way possible.  At this stage, we evaluate all mediums from traditional to digital and tailor a media plan that is aligned with customer requirements, geographic coverage areas, budget and business goals utilizing the most effective communication channels for the great return on investment.

We know the target market must be exposed to your message and more importantly, feel compelled to act on it.   We get your message out to your audience by negotiating aggressively, securing competitive schedules, adding value through no charge promotional opportunities, requesting favored positions – and making every media dollar work harder by leveraging our advertising clout and strong media relationships in order to make every single campaign that much stronger.

From cradle to grave, we are committed to ensuring our client’s results.  Once our media schedules are placed, our work continues with a complete media stewardship plan.  That is, we monitor the stations on a weekly basis in order to ensure our schedules run as ordered, vie for the best possible placement and reconcile media invoices for accuracy.  Throughout the course of the media plan, DRIVEN continues to evaluate promotional opportunities on behalf of our clients, push for added value beyond what was negotiated and maximize our client’s return on investment.  


  • Driven offers entire campaign management – from research to planning to
    buying – across all modern media communication channels.
  • Every strategic recommendation is budget based, customized for the customer and media neutral to provide the most efficient delivery.
  • DRIVEN is a leader in creating and executing profitable advertising
  • DRIVEN is a volume company saving clients thousands of dollars with our buying clout.
  • DRIVEN has over 30 years experience placing millions of media dollars to promote and grow businesses.